Abbey Road Institute at Superbooth17

The second annual edition of Superbooth17 in Berlin will be from April 20-22 and we´ll be there too.

We will, in fact, be taking over the „Tonregie der Landes Musikakademie Berlin-Brandenburg“ (Room 0420 right next to Schneiders Workshops in the live room) at the FEZ and hold workshops with #Instantboner and DJ Kabuki about different aspects of creating electronic music. The official program is up on the Superbooth website as well, but here´s what you´ll be able to learn from us:

Thursday, April 20, Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 there will be two different Workshops each. One at noon and the other at 4 pm:

Thursday and Friday 12:00 am:  Reaktor 101 – Creating a Groovebox from Scratch

DnB-DJ Kabuki ( Jan Hennig ) shows you how to create Drum Sounds from the scratch with Reaktor. The Drum Kit will be triggered through a sequencer and pushed by a simple Bass Line. All programming happens inside Reaktor.

Saturday 12:00 am: Stereo Microphone Techniques

Introduction to Stereo Microphone Techniques with Abbey Road Head Coach Stefan Weiser.

Thursday and Saturday 04:00 pm: Live Composing with #Instantboner

realtime production – producing electronic music in realtime.
haptic workflow – create your very own instrument.
appealing contrasts – how to combine hard and software.
An insight into the lives of #INSTANTBONER. Presenting a different approach to perform electronic music live. They will be focusing on how to create your own instrument and how to increase creativity and productivity in a studio- or live environment. By using a lot of modular synths.

Friday 04:00 pm: 101 – Max for Live – Introduction, and Exercises

Introduction into Ableton Max for Live with Sebastien Vaillancourt


During Workshop breaks at the Superbooth, we´re there to talk shop, nerd out about analog and digital equipment and obviously answer any questions about our courses.

All Workshops will be ticketed so make sure to reserve yours soon.