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What you’ll learn

The Advanced Diploma course focuses on 3 key subject areas, which are then made up of individual specialist modules. The three subject areas are engineering, music production and business.

The course is taught across an intensive full-time one year, which is divided into three terms. Throughout the three terms, you will go deeper into each of these subject areas too so that you’re constantly building on your knowledge and skills.

Our Abbey Road heritage is important in giving context to today’s music industry. You’ll learn about the evolution of the studios and how innovation at Abbey Road helped drive the music industry forward. Alongside the history and theory, we put a strong emphasis on learning technical skills, so you’ll spend time both in dedicated lectures and independently working with Pro Tools and Logic as well as Ableton Live.

We encourage all of our students to participate in the many practical opportunities that are available. These include a wide range of ensembles, recording sessions and performance/composition workshops. You’ll learn on industry-standard equipment, including the latest generation Apple computers,  professional studio software as well as a wide array of native plug-ins from Abbey Road and Universal Audio.

Through our broad range of industry professionals, from sound engineers to music producers, and artists you’ll gain insights into the breadth of the recording industry and establish your personal career path.

Progressive Continuous Learning

You’ll learn through our unique teaching method, Progressive Continuous Learning, which breaks down the modules into shorter sessions which are linked together and delivered in a progressive logical manner, combining theory and practice. This is different from more traditional styles of teaching, where programmes are delivered in self-contained isolated modules. We’ve found this method really embeds the practical skills you will learn alongside the context and theory in a way that brings everything together and supports your learning.

You’ll be taught in an apprenticeship style, with practical hands-on lessons in all the modules, so you can develop a broad range of new skills, confidence and experience that you can take into the work place.

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Unser Motor ist die große Leidenschaft für die Musik. Wir wollen unseren Studenten diesen Enthusiasmus vorleben und an sie weitergeben

Ulli Schiller, Institutsleiter

Abbey Road Institute gives you an intensive and hands on education over 12 months. The studios are really well equipped and we had lots of studio time to let out our creativity and develop our skills.

Dirk Andre, Graduate 2018

I learned at Abbey Road Institute to give a voice or an instrument a personality. A signature sound is just the charm of a successful music production.

Lucy Pape, Graduate 2018

Come with an open mind and a voracious appetite to soak up the magic! Be prepared to work hard - you’ll get out what you put in.

Ian Ramage, Lecturer