The skills, knowledge and creativity you’ll develop at Abbey Road Institute will prepare you for the next step in your career. This may be starting out in runner and assistant roles or moving into a more senior role if you already have some experience in the industry. Our graduates are highly sought after and progress onto a range of different careers within the industry.  The types of careers include:

Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Runner, FOH Engineer, Artist, Mastering Engineer, A&R, Label Assistant and Songwriter to name but a few.

You can browse through our alumni profiles to see some of the jobs that our graduates have now. For a full list of alumni from both our German and our international schools have a look at the dedicated alumni section of our website and also visit our blog for in depth alumni interviews. 

Klaus Fischer

Klaus Fischer is the inventor of the Barth AUDIOS, the pitch-transposing sampler from 1978 which can be heard on countless records and movie scores. After his studies at  Abbey Road Institute Berlin, Klaus set up his own studio-room at Berlin’s Candy Bomber Studios. However, sound design and songwriting are not all Klaus Fischer is up to these days: “The large interest in my invention AUDIOS made me revisit the project, effectively bringing me back to engineering. The project is growing at an incredibly fast pace. I’m constantly balancing out my roles – sometimes I’m a music producer, sometimes I’m an engineer. However, that’s precisely what makes life so interesting.”

Kian Moghaddamzadeh

Kian Moghaddamzadeh developed a passion for audio engineering at a very young age. Before even starting his studies at Abbey Road Institute, the 23-year-old already worked as a studio assistant for Gerald Neumann (Assistant of legendary audio engineer Bruce Swedien) in Düsseldorf. After his graduation, Kian swiftly secured a position as an assistant at Studio Wong, working with Daniel Flamm (Udo Lindenberg, Clueso, Helene Fischer, Michael Patrick Kelly) and Andi Bückle (Blue Man Group). Kian also works at the radio station FluxFM, producing trailers and podcasts. In 2019, the young audio wizard spent several months working in Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studios, working with some of the biggest players in the industry. His current project is an even bigger step forward: Kian Moghaddamzadeh is currently mixing the score for a movie that will hit movie theatres in summer 2019.

Lucy Pape

After her graduation at Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt, Lucy Pape decided to set sail to new shores, namely Fuerteventura: She took an offer as a sound engineer for the tour operating company Robinson Club, offering technical guidance to Dj’s and supervising theatrical performances. Lucy is also a talented musician, playing the soprano recorder and alto flute.

Sebastian Prantauer

After graduating from Abbey Road Institute, Sebastian Prantauer started working as a sound designer and music team-lead for the Silicon Valley-based AI-music startup Humtap (now also part of the Abbey Road Redd incubator program). Staying true to his home base, Sebastian is also a lecturer & coach at Abbey Road Institute Berlin. When he’s not working with students or machine learning, he’s probably working with drum machines & synthesizers in his studio in Berlin – the beat never stops.

Adam Radwan

Playing the bass and guitar since his early childhood, Adam Radwan quickly started developing a huge interest in reggae music. The love for the style took him across the world: After his studies at Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt, Adam temporarily moved to Jamaica. He then moved back to Germany for an internship at Red Bull Studios Berlin, where he works as an assistant engineer today, working with Engineer & Nu Jazz legend Christian Prommer.

David “Davey” Yang

David “Davey” Yang is an Austrian producer and composer, who graduated from Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt in 2019. After moving back to his hometown Vienna, David became part of the Austrian Team for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. He was involved in the production, arrangement, and composition for Austria’s entry “Alive” by Vincent Bueno.


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Unser Motor ist die große Leidenschaft für die Musik. Wir wollen unseren Studenten diesen Enthusiasmus vorleben und an sie weitergeben

Ulli Schiller, Institutsleiter

Abbey Road Institute gives you an intensive and hands on education over 12 months. The studios are really well equipped and we had lots of studio time to let out our creativity and develop our skills.

Dirk Andre, Graduate 2018

I learned at Abbey Road Institute to give a voice or an instrument a personality. A signature sound is just the charm of a successful music production.

Lucy Pape, Graduate 2018

Come with an open mind and a voracious appetite to soak up the magic! Be prepared to work hard - you’ll get out what you put in.

Ian Ramage, Lecturer