Try out our course – Study for A Day @ Abbey Road Institute

A course curriculum like ours can be intimidating if you look at it from the outside. Sitting in at one of the lectures could help. A full day of trial lessons from various stages of the course might even be better. Are you looking for an opportunity like that? Look no further, we´ve got just the thing for you!

If you would like to experience a day full of lectures and get a better understanding for how being an Abbey Road Institute student feels like our Study For A Day @ Abbey Road Institute is the perfect opportunity to get a first hand impression.

You will attend selected theory and practical classes that mirror the content and delivery from the curriculum of the Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering. You´ll experience the way our “Progressive Continuous Learning” (PCL) concept interlinks the various topics and their practical application.

Our lecturers and staff is also available for any course related questions. This way you can experience on your own what you can look forward to when you choose to get your education at Abbey Road Institute. There will be two theory lectures in our classroom and one practical lecture in the Studio with varying difficulty level to show the different aspects of our progamme.

If you wish to attend and see the detailed program, the Study For A Day @ Abbey Road Institute Berlin on Saturday, January 27th from 10am to 5pm go to the registration page on Eventbrite for Berlin. The classes in Berlin will be held in English (so you can check that requirement out as well).

The next Study For A Day @ Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt is Saturday, February 10th 2018 from 10am to 5pm. Simply click the Eventbrite link for Frankfurt.