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  • Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

    Unser Advanced Diploma in Music Production & Sound Engineering hilft dir auf deinem Weg in eine Profikarriere. Erfahre hier mehr zu den Perspektiven die dich am Abbey Road Institute erwarten.

    Course Course Kurs-Format: Teilzeit und Vollzeit
    Language Language Sprache: Deutsch in Frankfurt, Englisch in Berlin
    Start date Start date Startdatum: März/April und September/Oktober
    Location Location Standort: Berlin und Frankfurt
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The huge passion for music is our engine. We want to share this enthusiasm with our students.

Ulli Schiller, Lecturer

Abbey Road Institute gives you an intensive and hands on education over 12 months. The studios are really well equipped and we had lots of studio time to let out our creativity and develop our skills.

Dirk Andre, Graduate 2018

I learned at Abbey Road Institute to give a voice or an instrument a personality. A signature sound is just the charm of a successful music production.

Lucy Pape, Graduate 2018

Come with an open mind and a voracious appetite to soak up the magic! Be prepared to work hard - you’ll get out what you put in.

Ian Ramage, Lecturer

On the first day of the course it was clear that I had found my tribe; we’re like a family, and it’s uncanny how everyone gets on creatively.

Deborah Melliard, Graduate 2016